The layout, colors and any decorative graphical elements used in this website and the mobile App are controlled by us. By controlling this contend in this way users can be disable the style sheets to view the basic website or mobile App content. All content is designed and architected to work and display in a usable way, when style sheets are disabled, defaulting the text content to black on a white background. Most browsers allow users to apply their own custom settings and / or style sheets to pages. All pages in this website or mobile App work with custom style sheets. For more information on applying your own style sheets please refer to your browsers help files.

Web Agent One has put a lot of thought into the architecture and design of the website / services / applications / products to make them easily readable and understandable by common screen readers such as jaws and WindowEyes. Measures implanted in the website and mobile App include, written descriptions for all images, page text hierarchy correctly marked up, all menus included as lists, tables are not used for layout purposes, all form elements are labeled and all text links make sense when taken out of context.