Safeguard Application


Providers, companies and private users spent lots of money and energy to make their data secure against attacks. It is a kind of cat and mouse game in which both sides technically upgrade. It is about time to find a new way to make the data safe and secure. If you consider that over 80% of the daily computing concerns privacy that is well worth protecting against multifaced attacks, there is a real need to use one secure data transaction process.


Web Agent One has taken an unusual approach. We observed quite different defense mechanism such you can find in applied biological or physical sciences in order to translate These for our DNA Data Transaction Security Technology. Then we created from the first step a complete new DNA technique for the process and protocol. For sure we use also approved encryption, where necessary, but the whole Web Agent One data processing package makes it unique and ready for the future.




If you would like to learn more about our forward looking  "DNA Data Transaction Security" and "Our good genes as the specialists" please contact us. We will explain the process and all of the benefits in a greater Detail.



Data Transaction Security beyond post quantum Encryption