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Features easy operations


The Web Agent One App is architected and designed at the premises convenient handling, high-end security data processing (because we are transacting sensitive data only) and speed. In addition - the App supports you with a lot of information – just in case. The App runs on every modern processor controlled device.   

In the following sample you see how easy a payment transaction in a store might be. The App is quite simple to operate we call it an autodidactic solution and supports you for the coming action points. So just start the App and experience “Action” with a feel good factor. A basic Web Agent One DNA transaction process runs between a client / Initiator, the Terminal of action and our multi layered Server. Here we display the single steps from the view of both the Client / Initiator and Terminal of Action. The App is designed for a convenient handling. For an initiator, there are just 3 manual steps to make a successful transaction, for a terminal of action there are two automatic steps only.




1.  Choose your device


The Web Agent One App runs on every modern processor controlled device such as: e.g. Smartphone, Smartlet, Tablet-Computer, PDAs´, Laptops, Personal Computer or even a machine (“…Internet of Everything” Cisco).









2.  Login Web Agent One App / Select your Service  


Start the Web Agent One App and enter your Login (Nickname and Password) then select your Service. This sample handles a Payment at a point of sale, so you choose PAY / STORE.









3.  Send your Data via QR, Confirm your Payment  


Generate a QR Code at the cash desk and let it scan. You will get all payment Information on your display automatically. Confirm your payment and get a notification “Payment is made”. That´s it!








4a.  See information before confirmation


Before you confirm the Payment you are able to check all items, your bonus points and the Traders Terms & Conditions separately. So if anything isn´t clear, you can sort it out at the cash desk directly. Additionally you might as well call up the latest Traders News such as special offers or extra bonus.




4b.  See information after confirmation


After the “Payment is made”, you receive a digital receipt that you might print out. All expenses, items and Traders News are recorded in lists. So that will always maintain the overview to you.












5.  Update settings when necessary


Whenever your individual data changes, in case you move or you have a new device or bank account you can easily change the settings. Or you want to adjust a setting – just do it. The Web Agent One System adopts your changes automatically.











6.  Details / Overview


This sample demonstrates the easiness of a payment in a store. But our App is versatile. This Desktop screen overview will give you a small insight into our manifold services but each Service provides the same high-end security transaction standard. Check it out and see “Products” on this website also.


Our Menu bar with a fixed place and the “BACK bottom” is pictured at any time. So the user knows where he is and how to get back to the parent menu.


The status bar gives supporting information what to do and the UTC time. You see the different options for user, accounts and e-mail address. Some services are combined with special user data – in that case you just change.