Our good genes as the specialists                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                               Experience the new Data Safeguard


Secure Data Transaction / Secure Data Storage



Active DNA Technology - a quantum leap in Data Security


The challenge we have set ourselves is an active and adaptive encryption, transaction and storage system, which is comfortable and easy to use. At the same time it represents a real end-to-end solution and is faster and more powerful than anything known to be prepared for the future safety requirements. The result might look unimpressive, but the effect is terrific.


We have integrated within a campaign up to 100 measures and layers, especially since all actuators are designed dynamically. In addition to that, the used measures are interlinked. This is what we call "Our good genes as the specialists". If just one measure is missing nobody will get the puzzle together, so hackers or other prying organizations are helpless, even quantum computers quit, despite the best of applied logic and computer power cannot crack this nut.


We are able to offer three kinds of data storage to user: Client´s local Network storage, Cloud Solution and Web Agent One data storage. The data passes our internal module while using the "DNA Technology" and therefore the stored data is secure at any time.


Our DNA Technology provides other important advantages, the data transfer is much faster compared with conventional systems, by using a logical or physical data compression. The nature is always the best example, in our case the human DNA coding and natural defense mechanism. We realized a transaction uniqueness like a human DNA. Sent data might look the same but they have definitely different information - like twins.


While we cannot list all details of our security structure here, you might be curious in a course of a meeting.

Up to 100 measures will make hackers or other criminal organizations and even quantum computers helpless




Benefits (selection):


All-in-One Data Transaction Security Solution

•  protected by using the DNA Technology


Data Safeguard

•  every transaction is unique

•  real end – to - end solution


Client Data Storage

•  internal  client data storage

•  external client data storage


Data Speed

•  fast transaction by data compression and an intelligent concept


Universally usable

•  for private and business users (sector independent)

•  for all software and computer applications (DATA, PAY, ACCESS and Individual Solutions)

•  runs on all modern processor controlled devices

•  all around the world



•  DNA Technology is easy to handle

•  usually just three steps to make a safe transaction

•  the user doesn´t recognize the comprehensive safeguard measures


Ideal white label Solution