In-house data processing & transparency


There are IT experts who represent the following opinion : "In principle, can now ad - hoc every single process in IT are outsourced from that of the remote maintenance and IT support, and complete administration and management of the IT system. Example: It is possible that the operation only provides the premises for IT. The required and constantly updated hardware can be rented ... Depending on the requirements and the defined Service Level Agreements, the actual administration activities such as care and maintenance of hardware and software, recording of program updates, installations and configurations and system monitoring, data backup or customizing the systems or remote control console made by the service provider. So the company retains complete control over the IT, the responsibility for the operational readiness of the IT and applications, however, lies with the service provider …“.

Web Agent One offers IT solutions in-house, especially as it comes to sensitive data. All processes of data handling remain in our hands and in our house. We have developed special secure data processing centers, special multiple parallel data storage and our own high-end secure process & protocol standards (see also Web Agent One Data Safety Standards). We rely on unique multi controlled automated processes and pure human process control. We use only individual key staff closer to the data. Even in the highly unlikely event of failure, the processes are running further on this high-end level. Web Agent One offers the highest standards in the field of data processing - that is what matters, because it is about your sensitive data. So we would not recommend outsourcing of data processing.



Data processing


Web Agent One applies their own security technique and additional, high-end network and offline data storage.

You know at all times what kind of data we collect and how we process these data. We would like to show you in the following precisely what we mean by Web Agent One secure data processing.

Your data is used exclusively for the processing of the order or service and will only be processed internally. Only if your order or service requires it we will forward the data to third parties. So e.g. during each payment transaction , the data is transmitted to the corresponding credit card institution to check the validity of the card, card verification number and the amount. Some access services need data transmission towards third parties, too, but this is par for the course and you are aware of these process.

Web Agent One itself uses their own security technique and a high-end network solution. Every transaction will be recorded and saved on offline servers shortly thereafter – this is on the one hand the best prevention inappropriate access to your data in the long run and data loss can be virtually ruled out. Finally only single persons have internal access to save transaction data, so in case there is any question.





We all know that transparency is the precondition for efficient processes, which in turn is the precondition for customers’ confidence.

Safe and secure processes can be developed and monitored because of the complexity only by IT professionals! For this reason our method is fully automated. This increases the processing performance. By using an intelligent analysis processing, errors are constantly detected and the processes are further optimized. Through the transparent picture of our business processes across organizational and system boundaries, the afterwards over testing quote with an error of the process can be described as zero – it runs smooth. However, a transparent process monitoring also shows us each current bottleneck, allows the representation of the processing performance and thus forms the basis for increasing settlement efficiency.





In addition, we apply the permanent DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) based process model for the identification of optimization potentials and continuous increase in the execution performance. Only who seeks his own weaknesses will be able to demonstrate a continuous optimal performance. And we will attach a steady improvement always the highest priority.