Data Speed


Data Transaction Speed - a further benefit to ensure Data Security



The Web Agent One technology brings another big advantage along. We are talking about the speed and bit rates on their way through the web. Our process codifies your data with a high intelligent solution to achieve speed, that is much faster than all ordinary bit rates. It makes even ordinary standard internet connection much faster.




Your computer just has to decode the data it´s not a big deal because today’s computer are doing a fast job. The important benefit is, if you are connected with the internet e.g. you transfer or download a file, you are at a high risk of attacks. During that online time you are helpless even if you already installed a firewall or an anti-virus program. So the Web Agent One speed makes your data even safer.


So the Web Agent One technology is designed to manage the transfer within a very short time. This is not as fast as Internet Fiber optic cable but significantly faster than everything else. And the time of transferring is important for all kind of attacks. Speed is an additional aspect if you think about data security and Web Agent One provides this extra benefit, too.


We are talking about your data and your privacy or trade secrets which deserves the best safety and security standard all around the world. Even our technology represents a high-end data security process and speed, we advise everyone to use approved and additional firewalls and anti - virus programs at any time.