Application Solutions


Web Agent One features the revolutionary and unique data secure transaction process equally to private and business customers. Please look at the solutions listed below.

Convince yourself of our high performance and the patented safety concept. Have a look to our diverse range of services and the speed. That´s: "Data Transaction Security far beyond post-quantum Encryption". You can only benefit from it. What can we do for you?

For further questions don´t hesitate to contact us – we´ll be there for you.



Business Solutions


Products and Services:

The development and optimization of new services and operations are time-consuming and costly, but often decide on the future business success. Discover the future data transaction world of all sensitive data.


We can offer tailor-made solutions in the field of secure data transaction processing based on high-end technology and tried & tested products. We help you to expand and optimize your business.

So, we offer the data transaction technique with the services data, pay and access for you and your clients as a Web Agent One in-house solution completely. Alternatively we can help you to implement the application of our high-end processes and protocol in your house (white-label solution).


During the implementation of the processes in your house, we distinguish in a simplified view of the following phases:





















Private Solutions


Web Agent One provides data security and data speed for a variety of applications on a high-end level. Discover the future data transaction world of all sensitive data.

Convince yourself of our high level of quality and compare our performance with other providers. We are convinced there is nothing comparable - all around the world concerning this high safety standard for the process, protocol, network and data backup. We provide all these services by an in-house solution - no outsourcing. If our developed high-end technology is offered by other leading and global active companies, we always ensure that our high standards are maintained, because it is about your sensitive data.


Take a minute and look at our services in the field of DATA, PAY and ACCESS - below the categories of products. You´ll find the description in details about the separate services.

Certainly there will be further Services soon, you´ll find them mentioned in our News. The registration is simple to use and it just takes a moment. Already you can „start safe".




Marketing Solutions


The Web Agent One App includes the issue “News”. This tool is a very important marketing instrument. So you are able to send or receive all important trader news, special offers, extra bonus programs and events just via one App. Even small clips are realistic. 

Consider - your “News” are personally addressed and gain  customers. So this marketing solution give you the opportunity to achieve future  purchase. That makes a difference to your competitors who spent a lot of money in ordinary advertisments and promotion flyers associated with a questionable success.





The list updates the customers on all interesting news about their trader. We are only transmitting news to real customers – and this is the difference to irritating advertisement. Customers want to get “real news” not only be bothered by advertisements.










LIST Details


Detailed news can include just information, a small video clip or a kind of entertainment and a link to an e-mail address.

This is the point to create animation among buyers.













Customer itselves can decide to spend more time on interesting news. The news can be sorted out by e.g. date, trader and area. So customers are able to follow  news and will be updated at any time. All news are deleted after a lapse automatically (with a minimum of one week, maximum twelve month) and this period of time can be selected by the customer. Customers will like it and track the trader!









Individual Solutions


The Web Agent One App includes many issues in the field DATA, PAY and ACCESS. If you need an individual Smartphone or Desktop solution ask us. We are able to adjust our App to special requirements – most likely for your company, too. 


Individual Solutions depend frequently on the database – for sure there is a limit for individual adjustments, but we take care about not landing to fast in trouble when creating the system.

We include the issue “Other”. That icon could be your individual Solution. A solution that maybe  can only be used for your approved employees. You can decide who get access for something and who get a list about different options – for example.