Application samples


Our App runs lots of services all around the world you need every day – and you choose which ones are necessary for you. We share these into three: DATA, PAY and ACCESS. In the following illustrations you can see these services. Additional and released services you might subjoin.







1.  DATA


All mails can be sent via the Web Agent One secure data transaction processing. It doesn’t matter if you have to sign attachments, only for “member receivers” or just a chat message. So you have many Services in just one App.

Our Service “News” is also very helpful, because you get all Traders News and Information or Breaking News directly on your devices – you just select the sender and be always well informed at any time.




2.  PAY


Wherever or whomsoever you want to pay your does use the Web Agent One App. You can use it online and offline (depending on the Service and Internet access).

This App provides you also, by transmitting money to your friends or cash withdrawal at an ATM machine.









You need access for every action - scores of times every day. For every online / offline transaction you have to start e.g. an authorization or identification process. Web Agent One App provides you all access processes in this App.

You get up in the morning and book a flight to New York - you rent a car there - leave your home and get controlled by the Police - by the way you want to know if you turned off the coffee maker (building connectivity) - then you order tickets for the opera at night including collecting bonus Points - you park your car - check-in at the Airport - you register at the hotel and go to the opera by streetcar - on the way you feel sick and have to visit a surgery - you get a prescription there - you feel good again and join the opera.....

So you see every action needs a transaction process and this process undertake the Web Agent One App for you. And the main thing is this transaction process with all your sensitive data is safe. In addition the recorded transactions are full in view inside your lists.








4.  Devices


The Web Agent One runs on every modern processor controlled device.

On the right you see the displays of a Desktop and a Smartphone, when you make a Payment at a store for instance (online / or at the Cash desk directly).  All Transactions are recorded in separate lists; this on-line service is ready for you all around the world 24/7.